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Date: November 8th 1918

France, Nov. 8/18

Dear Jenn:-

Just a line to-day to let you know that I have arrived back here again after my holidays. It only took me a week to locate where I belonged after I started out from London, as they had done considerable moving around after I left. Your letter of Sept. 22nd with the "green backs" in it was waiting for me when I got back. No doubt Byde has wrote you since I left, so there is no use of me telling you about our days outing. Did Garnet get the note that I wrote the/ night before I left London. I got a nice little cold the last couple of days that I was on leave, and it is just getting better now. You know the way I always coughed when I was getting a cold, well that is just about what this one is like. I guess I kept the whole bunch awake for the last couple of nights. However I haven't coughed nearly so much to-day so guess that it won't keep me awake much to-night. I was only anyways sick with it for one day and can eat my three squares a day, so guess that I will/ pull through O.K.

Everything is going favorably now and things are beginning to look as though we may get back again before many more moons, but of course it is hard to say how long it will be, so tell them not to go trying to keep a whole lot more stuff than what they can look after this winter for there are lots more years coming.

Well I think I will close for this time. Hoping you are all well and that I will hear from you often.

Love to all