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Date: January 1916

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started around to see the damage - Never mind the details - Three dead, two wounded and two suffering from shock. One we didn’t know was gone until next day we discovered he was missing. We have never found him yet, except one foot, so you see that there are two sides to the game, my dear, and one is not pleasant, so we make the most of the good things we can get.

Well, dearest mine, the old year is petering cut in sorrow and in pain - the new born Child of Time is opening his eyes to a ghastly scene, You and I can only pray that his youth and manhood will be fierce and swift, and that we may be together in the bosom of his old age and kiss again in a world at peace.

God bless you darling. Many happy wishes and hopes fill my heart for you in these first moments of God’s New Year.

Yours ever lovingly,

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Original Scans