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Date: March 21st 1916
Dear Ones All

Royal Flying Corps
Blenheim Barracks, Aldershot
21 March, 1916.

Dear Ones All,

The official "first day of spring" but I hope the English spring is not going to be all like this, for the weather to-day and in fact ever since I arrived last Thursday has been anything but delightful. It just rains and rains all day long, and I think it must rain mud during the night from the amount that is lying on the ground. My vocabulary is quite inadequate to describe my utter contempt for the English climate. Fancy being here for three months and never once seeing the sun shining out of the blue sky. Ugh! it’s horrible.

A fine lot of letters reached me all at once on Sunday from Father, Mother, May, Ruth and a couple of others, also about half a dozen newspapers. Evidently the papers are coming through after all. It had been two or three weeks since the last letter from home had arrived, and oh, but I did devour this lot. Just to think of little May with all her troubles and cares taking the time to sit down and compose a long newsy letter to me! I am going to write to you as soon as I get back to town at the end of the week May Dear. Mother, is it possible that you are being drawn into the whirlpool of society life in Walkerton as a result of your trip to New York! Three teas in a row- count ’em, three! -Seventy-five people! Gosh Gee! going some.

I arrived here last Thursday and have been having some long hours and hard work ever since. I am taking a course in types of engines and aeroplanes, together with their main features and characteristics. There are a great many different kinds and of course, here at Reserve Aircraft Park they have every imagineable tyre from the big two engined Curtiss that they built in the factory in Toronto to German "Taubes" and “Albatrosses” that have been brought down at the front. To-morrow I am going to Ascot for the day to learn something about the administration of the Mechanical Transport division and on Saturday I am to return to my job in town. This is a rotten place and I’ll be glad to get out of it.

Pardon a short letter, Dear People, as I haven’t much time just now. With a great heap of love to you all.

Yours as always,

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