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Date: November 19th 1916

E. Coy 196th Batl. C.E.F.
Army Post Office London

Sunday. Nov. 19th, 1916

Dear Mother: -

Well I got your letter today. Even if we had gone to Bermuda I would have got it. I think Linwood Gunn must get hold of all the rumors that are going. He takes them too seriously too, I think. You can thank the girls for their letters to me. I don’t know how to write a letter to the bunch. I have already written to your darling Helen. Also Edith. I don’t know who Eileen is. You didn’t say in your letter whether you got the badges from Dingwall’s or not. I would like to know. You were expecting letters too soon You want to remember that for every day we are away from Wpg it takes two for a letter to get back. I wrote to Effie lastnight & this today, and all the news is in her letter. You can send your parcel any time and maybe it will get here for X mas. I’m in with a pretty good bunch from, B.C., Alta, Sask, & Man – one is younger than I, a couple are about the same ager but most are older. I haven’t started to drink yet. Well I guess that will be all. I’m quite well yet though the bottoms of my feet are sore & swollen from walking on these hard roads. They will soon be better though, my pen isn’t writing very well just now. It scratches quite a lot. One of the points seem to be worn more than the other. That will be all.


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