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Date: November 27th 1916

Mon. Nov. 27th 1916.

Dear Effie.

I would be very much obliged to you if you would forward the enclosed letter. I don’t know the address. I’m fixed that way with several people. I suppose you think you ought to get a letter from me now that I have been to London. Really though I can’t think of anything to tell you other than what I have already told mother & I suppose you have read that letter. Of course I had a swell time. Got up late & went to bed late. I just about got locked out twice. The club is supposed to lock up at 12.30 and those two nights I came home later than that I just got in by the merest luck. I forgot to tell mother that we visited St. Pauls. Saw all the tombs & went away up on the roof. We went to see the National Gallery too. I never saw such twisty crooked streets before in all my life. Often one street will have two or three names too. I got mother’s letter when I got home Sunday night. I didn’t notice the date. I also got one from Eileen F. & a photo from Luella. It’s a good photo too. While I was away I got my laundry done. I got two outer shirt, 1 under shirt, 1 pair of drawers, 1 suit combination, 3 towels, 2, pair socks, 6 handkerchiefs done for 32₵.That’s pretty cheap I think. We took a walk across London bridge while up there. We couldn’t find any bridge anywhere in the city with stores along the sides. No one seemed to have ever heard of such a thing. I got 4 ½ dozen post card views of London & left them in the room with the rest of my stuff. When I came for them Sunday night someone else had appropriated them. I only got one half decent meal while in London Perhaps I could have got a real one if I had tried the Savoy Hotel or something like that, but the things I did get cost so much that I didn’t dare try anything better. I saw a lot of good shows though, even though they did cost quite a bit. Still though, I guess they weren’t any more expensive than the same thing in Wpg. The most I paid of a seat was 5 s. That was Friday night and it was pretty nearly the best in the house. We were too late for anything better. The picture shows there are awfully expensive. I was in there & the cheapest seat was 9 d. I paid 4’4 for two seats in one they were the best though. But those prices are just for the same shows that we see in Wpg. for 15₵. I have seen a lot of pictures advertised too that I have seen in Wpg. over a year ago and that is in mighty London. I don’t think I would like to live in London. They have fine shows. & fine parks & a fine transportation system, but that’s about all. Perhaps it would be different though if I knew someone. Well I’ll quit now.


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