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Date: September 27th 1917
E. Beath (mother)

Cor. River & Rose Sts.


Sept. 27th 1917.

My dear John.

Your letter dated Aug. 27th was received Tuesday Sept 25th and your field service post card dated Sept 3rd was received yesterday Sept. 26th 1917, but no signyet of a Whiz Bang. Ian said you sent one perhaps it will come yet.

I can hardly picture or think of you in the firing line John, it is too dreadful they are having such awful fighting now. I am sure when you enlisted you never thought you would ever get to the firing line but keep up your courage dear John I don’t believe you will either be shot or wounded God is able to keep you from even a scratch but do your duty faithfully and well.

You will wonder why this letter is regestered I want you to be sure and get it for I want you to know that I have sent you, at least, eight boxes since you went to France and I feel badly that you have not received them. A week ago last Saturday I sent you two Boxes that was Sept 15th one containing some cakes that Edith Stutter made and some candy I made. And the other was your birthday cake, and the week before that I sent you two boxes 1. a cake 2. your belt and gloves, handkertchiefs, I regestered the letter but it was a pretty expensive box. You said regester all the boxes, if I do it will cost more than twice as much. I felt so badly that their was no box for you or letter when you returned to your camp. Be sure and tell me, when you do receive one if it is addressed properly and plain enough so there can be no mistake. Mrs Cake sent you off a birthday box. We cannot do any more John can we. Grandpa Cooker is here and will be staying a month I expect, he always asks about you, my he is interested in this war, really we just live day by day not knowing how this war will end or how it will effect us yet.

[?]Bailey and Edith Clarke were in yesterday. They have a six cilinder McLaughlin now.

I had a caller yesterday too Mrs Trull from Oshawa, she was driven up here in Tucker’s car. Tucker is the manager of Eatons.

I am sending you the Life Magazine every week I hope you get it.

Now I am going to number this letter No I and the next parcel I send will be No IV. I sent you one yesterday which I call No III it contained, chocolate fudge and peanut brittle. Edith Stutter made the peanut brittle.

Yesterday Mr Cooker got you a box of chocolates which I will send to you right away and that will be box No IV.

As I sit here at five oclock Thursday Sept. 27th you may be in the trenches fighting for your life. We cannot even think of the awfullnes if it all. The poor boys and how brave they are. You know John I have already regestered two letters to you containing ten dollars each.

It is likely you will get ten all at once some of these days. I am hoping to get something a card or letter again this week.

Your loving mother. E. Beath 

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