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Date: August 25th 1916

London 25/8/16.

Dear Harry,

Evidently some of my letters went astray, as according to the Pater they did not hear from me at home from June 7th until about six weeks later. The longest time that I went without writing was between two and three weeks. I must do better in future but it really does seem impossible as a rule.

I am glad to hear that you have an assistant and that you seem pleased with his work. It will help you a great deal to be largely rid of your laboratory work and your reading, and perhaps you may now have at least a little time to yourself.

Dr. Stuart McGuire has been here for the past ten days and I am glad to say that I have been able to see something of him. He is a pretty good scout and I have liked him more this time than ever before. He leaves on a short trip to Paris to-morrow I believe.

About two weeks ago, I sent you two books of Bruce Bairnsfather's sketches which have had a tremendous sale over here. The censor spotted them however, and they were returned to me a day or so ago. So I went to the publishers and had them posted with their label on, so now I expect they will reach you all right. Perhaps you have seen then before, have you? Anyway they will do for your waiting room, for your patients to paw over.

The folks out at the Coast must be having a great time about now. Wasn’t it a shame that May couldn’t go too!

Lovingly yours, Eric.

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Original Scans