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Date: August 29th 1916
Dear Ones All

The Royal Aero Club,

Dear Ones All:-

Father’s good descriptive letter written on board the boat and his card posted at Moose Jaw both arrived during the past week. These, and sone letters forwarded by Fred and some newspapers from Father, comprise my news of our widely scattered family. Molly is down at Atlantic City with her Aunts and one of her cousins so everybody seems to be on the move!

The papers you send from time to time are ever so interesting, Father, and always contain so much war news that never appears in the English papers at all. We never get more than a paragraph- all carefully worded, at that- about any of the Zeppelin raids. The damage that has been done is something terrific however. I know that because I have spoken to officers from the raided localities.

Also there is a very distinct feeling of discontent throughout the whole country over the inadequate steps that have been taken to protect people's lives, homes and places of business. Now there is some news that you won't see in the papers.

Everybody is jubilant over the developments in the Near East,- Roumania coming in, and all. I hope things continue to improve for a "big push" in Burgaria would hurt the Central Empires very much just now.

Must close now and get to bed. With much love to you all- and oh! how I do wish I were away from this horrible business and this horrible country and back with you all again.


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Original Scans