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Date: September 14th 1916

The Royal Aero Club,

Dear Pater,

I enclose my cheque for £11.10.0 which as nearly as I can figure it covers the loan which you made to me a few months ago. Thanks ever so much, Father, I only wish I had been able to return it to you before you had all the expense of your Western trip to meet.

I had quite a nice interview with General Sir Sam about two weeks ago which I don’t think I told you about. I was sitting in the lobby of the Savoy, talking to Dr. Stuart McGuire and Dr. Buckner when "Sam" walked in. For some reason or other- probably because I stared at him so hard- he came over and spoke to me, asked me where I came from and all that, and after talking for a few minutes took me over and introduced me to his chief of staff and one or two other staff officers, and also General Carson and Sir William Mackenzie. He had heard that Lt. Robinson who brought down the Zepp was a Canadian, and he wanted to know if it were true or not and asked me to find out. So I called to see him next day and gave him the desired information. It seems as though Sir Sam is thawing out a good deal as regards a Canadian Flying Corps and it seems as though it were almost a certainty now. All the Canadian pilots- and there must be 600 or 700 of them in the R.F.C. & the R.N.A.S.- are greatly taken up with the idea. I should like to be transferred myself if there is any thing doing.

I hope you are feeling ever so much better for your trip and that there were no great arrears of work to get through on your return.

Love to all,
Always your loving son.

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