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Date: September 26th 1916
Dear Ones All

Royal Aero Club,

Dear Ones All,

I have fared well in letters from home- Father’s, Mother's, Harry’s and Ruth’s letters all having arrived within the last couple of days. Your letters during your trip were all so good and so descriptive, and I have read them many times.

You asked me why I didn’t let you know at once when My Gazette came out, Father. Well, I don’t know- in the first place this captaincy was promised me away back last June and I looked in the Gazette every day for two months and a half before it appeared so that it really had lost it novelty to me long before it actually came out. And then too I don’t feel the least bit proud of a promotion which has been given to me without my ever having seen the firing line. Some soldier, I am!

Emma Grainger is here now- or rather she has been for three weeks until to-day when she was posted to a hospital in Ramsgate. Pete and I saw her two or three times and needless to say got all the news from home. One thing that I was so glad to hear was the way the troops were halted in front of the hospital on their way to the train and Cousin Belle was on the balcony to "take the salute."

I saw Chap Kilmer the other day. He is getting along splendidly and looks as well as can be, except of course for his crutches and the stump where his left leg ought to be. Haven’t had a minute to look up the rest of the family though, though I should very much like to see them. I have always been more or less in love with Marjorie ever since we were wee kids, I think.

The big Zepp raid on Saturday night was a great sight. Some of the bombs fell within sight of our house and it was very exciting. Of course, we were all up leaning out of the windows and Pete has a beautiful cold as a result, which is the extent of the casualties at our place.

This will be all for this time. Cheero!


P.S. In answer to your question, Father, I started signing as "lieutenant" about the end of May. I am enclosing a copy of a letter that tells all about it.   E.

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