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Date: November 14th 1916
Dear Ones All

Weymede, Byfleet, Surrey

Dear Ones All,

Letters from Molly and Ruth have reached me recently but I have had no word from Walkerton for over two weeks. They are censoring all mail now and perhaps there may be some delay owing to that.

Farquhar was unable to meet me as he could not get week-end leave last week. However, we'll fix it up some time soon I hope.

Had a letter from Charlie Lalor[?] saying that he was at Aldershot, so I spent the week-end with him in town. Like everyone else who has forsaken an indoor life for the army, he is looking very fit. He is a most entertaining little chap and it was good to see him again and talk over the old Milton days. I wasn't feeling up to much though as I had just the day before had my second inoculation.

The representatives of the R.F.C. who figured in the Lord Mayor's procession last week were all chosen from No. 2 R.S. which is a compliment to our squadron as there are lots of other squadrons just as close to London as Brooklands is. You may see some pictures of it in the illustrated papers.

The flying is coming along nicely although the weather does not permit very much of it. Two of the flight commanders have been having good sport lately shooting plover from the air. One files the machine and the other takes the shot gun.

To-day a balloon came floating overhead (there are lots of them drifting around in England) and I went up with another fellow to have a closer look at it. We soon climbed up to the same level as the balloon and got as near as we dared- 100 feet or so I suppose. There was only  one man in the basket and he seemed cheery. After waving how-de-do we came down and the wind soon carried him out of sight.

Must close now, Dear People. Don't worry about me. I am particularly well, ever so happy in my work, and getting more and more confident in the air.

With best love all 'round.
Yours as always,

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