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Date: December 11th 1916
Harry Robertson

No. 19 R. S.
Royal Flying Corps
Hounslow Heath
11th Dec./16.

Dear Harry,

Two weeks till Xmas, and only a small chance of my getting this little letter of good wishes through to you in time for the eventful day. However, it certainly should reach you immediately afterwards and you will know that you really were in my thoughts, and very much so too.

I have just gotten my "aviator’s certificate" from the Royal Aero Club. Before the war if was considered quite a thing to have, but now-a-days it is only one of the steps towards "getting your wings" and merely means that you can fly a certain single type of machine, take it up and throw it around in the air a bit and bring it down within fifty feet of a mark. Before you get your wings you have to be able to fly any machine in any weather, climb up to 10,000 feet within a given time, take photographs from the air, shoot a machine gun from an aeroplane, drop bombs on a target, make an intelligent report after a reconnaissance, and a lot of other stunts. Its a great little game.

I wonder whether you will be able to get home for Xmas after having your hunting trip. The holiday in the open air was an absolute necessity though, I feel sure and nothing could possibly have done you so much good. But at the same time it would be great to get home for Xmas and I think you’ll try to get there if possible.

I am absolutely all in with a rotten cold and must close now as my head is as thick as a London fog. A Merry Xmas to you Bud and the best of wishes for the New Year.

Always your loving brother,

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