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Date: August 4th 1916

The Royal Aero Club,

Dear Pater,

By the time this reaches you, your holiday will be over, I suppose and I sincerely hope that the trip had helped a great deal towards putting you on your feet again- and also that the said feet will have ceased to give you any trouble. Mother and Ruth will no doubt derive a good deal of benefit from their trip and will have a good time, as will Fred and Eva, but I am sure it will be pretty lonely for you, particularly after having so many visitors of late.

We have been having some real summer weather this week "at last", I might add, for I wore my British warm several days last month. Owing to the mositure in the air one feels both the heat and the cold much more here than at home, as you porbably know by experience.

Poor old Neil van Nostrand has gone. At least he is reported "missing" which in the Air Service can really mean only one thing. I go to Whitehall every day or so and inquire for him but I’m afraid it is no use

Ralph Jarvis of Toronto who was one of the chaps that shared my cabin on the boat and my billet at Norwich, is home on a week’s leave. We had lunch together to-day at the "Cheshire Cheese" (do you know the old place on Fleet St?) and he had many interesting things to tell about his work over there. When he goes back next week he may take a machine over, and if he does I am going to ask the General if I may go as his observer. It would be a great experience. I could perhaps come back with another pilot or else by boat.

Good-bye for now, Pater. Don’t get too lonesome.
Lovingly yours,

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