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Date: February 27th 1917
Dear Ones All

No. 19 R.S. Royal Flying Corps
Hounslow Heath

Dear Ones All,

Just a short note this time. I am sorry to say I didn’t get a letter off to you last week but it isn’t an isolated case of carelessness on my part is it, and I don’t think you will worry about me.

Well, I am mighty happy now for I have been able to get some nice rooms in a house right beside the aerodrome, and Molly and I are in a sort of way "keeping house" That is to say, Molly buys the provisions and the good lady of the house cooks them and serves them for us. Of course, our meals are served in our own dining room, and we don’t see anything of the family- at least I don’t, though Molly consults Mrs. Atkins every day as to what to buy and where to buy it. It is great experience for Molly and so far she has been getting along splendidly with her marketing. Also the meals are well cooked and we are both as contented as can be. We have a piano in our sitting room too which helps to make things cheery and homelike. Molly is still looking for something to do when I go overseas, and still without success. The Red Cross, the St. John’s Ambulance Corps, the Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Society and the C.A.M.C. and all crammed full of nurses, and the same applies to every civil hospital that we have heard of however, we are still hoping something will turn up.

Yesterday I was sent over to Farnboro by road to collect a machine and fly it to Hounslow. There was quite a difference in the trip going and returning, it took an hour going to F'Boro by road and just fifteen minutes coming back by air. It was a delightful little trip though the clouds were pretty low. I kept just below them 2500 feet. My letter to May and Will still remains unwritten. Please forgive me. I am a rotten correspondent, heaps of love to you all from us both.


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Original Scans