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Date: March 30th 1917
Mr and Mrs Robertson

Friday, March 30th 1917.

My Dear Mr. and. Mrs. Robertson:-

This is just going to be a short hurried note as I have several similar ones to write. It is to tell you that my Dear Eric was called away to France yesterday very unexpectedly. You will have received the letter from me telling you about him going down to Hythe taking the two weeks "Aerial Gunnery" course. Well he got word last Monday that he had to leave for France next day. He wired me that he would be here that night and the poor boy was worn completely out when he got here at 10 o’clock that night after the long horrible trip. Mrs. Atkins very kindly had a nice hot supper awaiting for him and I got him in bed as soon as it was possible. It just about killed me to get such news but this time I really did much better than usual and held up pretty well. He had to report to head-quarters that afternoon, pack everything and take it with him. We went in feeling a little blue as you may know. The past three months were the happiest of my life. After a long session Eric Dear was able to get one day extra, although they usually get four, but they are in need of pilots. Oh, how happy we were to have one more day and we had a real good time together. Of course, neither of us ever expected he would be called out till next month. Oh, he looked so fine with his wings on (by the way I had the pleasure of sewing them on) and Oh, I was and am so proud of him. Everybody is over here that knows him and I know you all are too.

I took some snaps of him and only wish I could send them to you but I cannot, not even to Canada will they allow it.

Eric’s train left at 11.20 yesterday morning and we were quite busy till 11 o’clock. Oh, it was the hardest thing to see that train pull out and to see Eric Dear hanging away out till the train was out of sight. It was so hard for him too. But I feel sure and pray he will be brought back to us safe and sound.

Mr. and Mrs. Atkins with whom we live have been so kind to us and they cryed as if he had been their own dear boy leaving. I will be busy very shortly and am going to look forward for the next three months to pass when he will be back again, as every three months they have two weeks leave. Do not know his address yet to give it to you. But Eric will send it soon himself I know. Had such a dear letter from Eva this morning, am sending it on to Eric.

Lot of love to all.

Had a telegram from Eric as he was about to sail. Everything O.K.

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