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Date: April 6th 1917
Dear Ones All

No. 11 Squadron
Royal Flying Corps B.E.F.
6th April, 1917.

Dear Ones All,

This is Good Friday and I celebrated it this morning by spending hours over the German lines. It was what is called an "offensive patrol"(chiefly "offensive" to the people who take part in it, I think) When we are on offensive patrols we fly over a certain area of the front, on the German side, armed to the teeth, and looking for trouble. As a rule we find it. "Archie" was bad this morning, and three of out four machines were brought down. There were no Huns to be seen in the air however, and we are sort of used to "Archie" so it was rather good fun after all.

We always fly in formations of several machines and I have found it hard, so far, to keep my place in the formation It is becoming easier now as I get accustomed to it, however. Besides offensive patrols we have defensive patrols, in which we stick around close to a formation of machines of a different type who are engaged in artillery spotting or contact patrols or something and are too busy over their own job to keep looking around for Hun machines. It is our job to stand on guard and fight off the Huns. We have other jobs too, but our most popular amusement is patrolling.

We have a fine, big, smooth aerodrome here, and are quartered very comfortably, comparatively speaking, in little huts. I am rooming with a fellow named Woodman from Winnipeg. He is a very stout hearted chap and a good fellow.

Yesterday just at dusk I took an observer and flew up to the lines just for a joy ride. It was a great sight watching all the guns firing. Some pummelling the Bosches were getting!

Not a bit of mail have I had since leaving England and I would give most anything to hear some news of you all and of Molly. Poor little Molly though- it is ten times worse for her. I do hope everything has turned out right for her. Gen’l Salmond promised me that he would speak to Lady Henderson about her and if possible, get her into the Hospital in London, I know he will do all he can but I wish I knew how it all came out. With heaps of love to each one of you- and please don’t worry about me. You wouldn’t know me now, I’m so red faced and bull-necked.

Lovingly yours,

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