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Date: April 9th 1917
Dearest (Molly)

No. 11 Sqdn, R.F.C.
B.E.F. France


It does seem so long since I saw you last and still no letters have arrived. I am not anxious about the letters not coming for of course, there are lots of things to delay them, but I do feel anxious to know how you are getting along and if everything has worked out satisfactorily for you.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and my birthday too, and I guess the Germans must have known it for they gave me an exciting time of it. We went about ten miles over into Hunland to take photographs and they peppered us with "archie" as hard as they could. All of our machines were hit but none seriously. Then five Hun machines came after us, all fast scouts. We all huddled together and four of the Huns changed their minds and went off. One of them thought it worth his while to get under my tail and rattle away for awhile. I dodged around a bit and my observer got in a "burst" at him, which either hit him or scared him for he left us. In the scrap though, he put several bullets into the machine, one of which pierced both induction pipes. The good old engine kept on going somehow or other though and had enough power to help me back behind our own lines. I landed quite safely a few miles from our own aerodrome, telephoned to the squadron for the necessary spare parts and a few hours later the repairs were completed and flew her back.

This morning I was out for 3½ hours on a defensive patrol. There was lots doing [postscript inserted: "(the attack on Vimy Ridge)"] on the ground below us- shells, and tanks and poison-gas-attacks- so it was mighty interesting. Also I found some bits of "Archie" in my machine when I got back, which will make a nice souvenir.
            .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
Your loving,

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