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Date: April 14th 1917
Dearest (Molly)

Royal Flying Corps
France 14/14/17.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Yesterday I had another little scrap in the air. I was doing a bombing stunt on a point behind the enemy lines. I dropped my pills all right and hit what I was aiming at, but on my way back was attacked by four German machines. They got my engine but I managed to bring the bus down somehow and landed right beside the British third line trenches. We were both unhurt. We spent most of the day in the trench with the infantry chaps and had quite an interesting day. Got home to the aerodrome in the evening by lorry. The C.O. here is an awfully nice fellow and insisted on adding some words to our official account of the scrap and I got a copy of his remarks to send to you herewith. He sent this in to Brigade Headquarters. You will appreciate it more than 1 do for you don’t realize as I do how little I deserve his kind words. I didn’t do a single thing but what the very greenest pilot would have done under similar circumstances, so don’t take it too seriously.

The Canadians have got in a great push at Vimy Ridge, haven’t they? They stand ace high out here, believe me! I see my name appeared in the Gazette a couple of days ago as a flying Officer stating that I relinquish my temporary rank of captain Will write you again to-morrow Dear if I possibly can. Good- night, little girl, with all the love in the world.

Always your loving husband

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