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Date: May 6th 1917
Dearest (Molly)

France, 6 May 1917.


I hade my first real job night-flying the night before lost. We left here at 11.30 and were out for an hour. Stunts at night are always shorter because you don’t fly so high, and so don’t have to waste so much time getting height. There was a heavy ground mist on and we had great trouble finding our way. Got down to a few hundred feet over the trenches and got some rifle fire and machine gun fire from the ground. Some bullets in the wings and spars but none hit us. Then we had two search lights turned on us. We dodged them without trouble, however, and came home. It wasn’t a satisfactory trip as we didn’t accomplish what we wanted, but better luck next time.

Nothing doing since then and now I won’t have anything more to do until to-morrow night and only then- "weather permitting" Yesterday four of us got the C.O.’s car and went to Amiens, a long way from here. We stopped at one of our R.F.C. squadrons on the way and had tea there. It is a fine city and it was good to see some civilization again, though we were only there about an hour. Bought some fruit and magazines and things and then came home. It was a great treat and the country was beautiful. Don't know when I have enjoyed an outing so much.

Must close now, Dearest to catch the mail.
Yours with all my love.

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