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Date: June 3rd 1917
Dear Ones All

No. 11 Sqdn. R.F.C.
B.E.F. France

Dear Ones All;-

Our Squadron moved to another aerodrome a few days ago and you can imagine how we all felt about leaving our quarters after spending so much time in making them comfortable and fixed up to our liking. Our new huts have larger rooms but they are not so comfortable and of course, it will be some time before we get them all dolled up but we have one great asset here in a fine tennis lawn and we certainly do appreciate that. On days when the weather is too dud for work over the lines, and when the day’s operation orders are light, it will be great to be able to play tennis. We are close to a good-sized town here and we can get racquets, balls and shoes there.

The day before yesterday I had to fly one of our old machines back to No. 1 Aircraft Depot, leave it there and bring back a new Bristol Fighter. I landed there a year ago with Jarvis, do you remember? when we flew across from England. Met Millman on the aerodrome, he has been testing machines there ever since he left his instructor’s job at Brooklands. He is very keen to join our squadron and I have asked the C.O. to try to get him for my flight. My machine was ready for me to take away but I was clumsy enough to break a propeller on some rough ground in taking off so had to stay over night until it could be replaced. Came back here next morning, about fifty miles, in twenty-five minutes, some bus! My passenger both ways was young Gowans Kent of Toronto, one of our observers and an awfully nice kid.

A week from to-day I hope to go on leave. Think of it! A whole two weeks holiday and Molly waiting to greet me at Victoria Station! I can hardly wait for the days to pass. Haven’t heard from any of you for two weeks but probably some mail will be in within a day or so. Heaps of love to you all.

Yours as always,

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