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Date: July 8th 1917
Dearest (Molly)

8 July 17.


Thanks for your dear letter written after you had heard about Duncan’s accident. Your sympathy was much appreciated by Duncan and by me too, for it really seemed as though things were coming too thick and fast for me to bear when Duncan crashed. Thank goodness there isn’t so much cause for worry now for they seem to think that with good nursing he will be all right.

We had a great scrap at about 8.30 p. m. yesterday. There were seven of us and eight Huns when we started in. We got three of them for certain and drove two others down under control, and all our fellows got home safely. My gun was out of action during the entire show so I had to manoeuvre only for my observer to shoot. It was the longest scrap I have ever been in as it lasted about 25 minutes and my observer Sgt. Carr shot off every cartridge he had. Gee it was some excitement! We would have got two more Huns I think if my gun had been working as twice I had them cold at about 25 yards range. Naturally I felt pretty sore about that but felt very much relieved that we all came through without a scratch.

It is raining to-day and I am glad for the chance to rest. Must close now, Molly Bawn. Do keep well and strong Dear and don’t worry about me because God is taking care of me.

With all the love of my heart to you, Dearest little girl.

Always your devoted husband

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