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Date: November 13th 1917
Mr. Robertson (father)
H. Denoon Duncan

Union Castle Line S.S. -----   
13 Nov. 1917.

Dear Mr. Robertson:

I am indeed very sorry that I have had to leave replying to your letter, which I received about the end of October, to this late date.

You ask me to give you particulars as to Eric’s accident. I have met several of the officers from No. 11 Squadron and they all confirm the information, which at your request, I send you.

Eric had a Non-Commissioned Observer up with him named Sgt. Carr. Carr was Robbie’s regular Observer when I left. I gather that unofficial information was dropped by a Hun airman on our side of the line, stating that Capt. Robertson and. Sgt. Carr had been killed. I trust this will not come as too great a shock as I venture to think that you will not have had any official notification of this. The machine was hit direct by an antiaircraft shell and fell behind Monchy le-preux. The exact spot is not known but I gather it was S.E. of the town which is in ruins. There was no possibility down of bringing the machine down safely as the direct hit broke the planes.

If at any time you should wish me to make further enquiries or if I can in any way help you, kindly write me.

I am on the point of sailing for South Africa where I intend to spend the 6 months leave granted me by the War Office.

Thanks so much for your kind invitation to your home. I trust that the time is not far distant when I can take advantage of it and have the pleasure of meeting you. I regret that I shall be away in South Africa when Miss Ruth Robertson comes to England, but sincerely trust that we shall be able to meet on my return.

With kindest regards to Mrs. Robertson and yourself, I remain,

Yours very sincerely,
(Signed) H. Denoon Duncan.

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