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Date: December 31st 1918
Mr. Robertson
F.W Anderson

106 Geoffrey St.,
Toronto, 31/12/18.

Dear Mr. Robertson:-

Your kind letter of the 25th inst. was greatly appreciated by us all in the family circle here. I have been on duty in the City since I wrote to you, and I have very much enjoyed this holiday Season with the dear ones from whom I had been separated so long.

Mrs. Anderson and our boy, Murray, have been living with the Murray girls during my absence, so this is my home at present.

I am expected back at Orillia as early as possible but there is a great call for messages from returned Chaplains, and I am being retained for a while in propaganda work.

I was very much surprised to learn that you had not heard from Lt. Col. Robertson regarding the burial place of your Son, Eric. I understood him to say he was sending you all particulars, but in the rush of operations at the time and since, he may have depended upon me to advise you as I promised to do as soon as I returned. By following the directions given him by the Authorities, your Nephew was able to locate the grave, alongside of which there still remained parts of the wreck of their machine. The grave was marked by a wooden Cross erected by the Germans who had buried the bodies, and on the Cross was the inscription "two British airmen, killed July 12,1917,-" The spot where they fell was near the Arras-Cambrai road close to the crossing of the road between Dury and Hendecourt. We buried them with their Canadian Comrades who fell in the advance from Arras, in the new Military Cemetery on the North side of the Arras - Cambrai road, between Vis-en-Artois and Hendecourt, on 10/10/18. The Map location is o23- d, 3, 7. Col .Robertson had a casket made for Eric’s body and another for that of his companion, Sgt. Carr, and a brass plate was put on each casket giving the name and particulars about each one.

The location is reported to the Authorities in the regular way, and the French Government has given the fullest assurance that the ground thus reserved will be preserved in perpetuity for the purpose.

Arrangements are now well in hand for the proper protection and care of those Sacred Spots that have been sanctified by such splendid Sacrifice.

If there is any further enquiry in your mind I would gladly give such information as I may have at hand.

With the Season’s Greetings, in which we all join,

Sincerely yours,
(sgd.)   F.W. Anderson,

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