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Date: August 19th 1915

Haileybury, Ont.
Aug. 19th 1915.

Dear Mother:-

To-day is my birthday, and I will celebrate the event by writing you a letter.

I suppose it seem "but as yesterday" to you since we all were tots and indeed the time seems to fly around much faster the longer we live. The flight of time and the passing away of human beings has always seemed to impress me with the insignificance of man, but this war seems to add to that impression. Perhaps life has been too easy with us, perhaps we have been taking life too much as if peaceful ease were our lot designed from the foundations of the world for us. Altho we of the present generation in this country have seen no war, war has always filled the pages of the world's history, and we who have been reaping the benefits of previous wars have been taking peace for granted. Several of the single men in the mines have been laid off and told that their country needed them more than the mine did. I have made no definite plans yet as to going and have been unable to dispose of my interest in the McNabbe business which I would like to do so that I could leave my insurance all in good shape. However I may make arrangements later. The price of silver is very low, about as low as it ever has been since Cobalt ore was discovered and things are very quiet here on that account. Notwithstanding this some of the properties which have not been worked are talking of starting up again, and some are being pumped out with this end in view. The great Russian reverses will no doubt have a tendency to inspire the Germans with great confidence and make the final day of settlement more remote. There are men being recruited from here all the time, and being sent to Niagara Falls for training. They are now recruiting on "intelligence" corps of cyclists. Young active men are wanted for carrying information from one place to another on bicycles. This would be very interesting work I should consider and suitable to people who could not do the heavy work in the trenches from physical inability.

We have had some very wet weather, but to-day is fine and not too warm. Have they heard from Willie lately? I have heard nothing from him for some time as I do not get the Gleaner now, and in fact have not for some time past. It is rumored that a Doctor from here was on the Prince George transport sunk in the Agean Sea by the Germans, but it has not been confirmed as yet. No doubt there were some Canadians on board her.

Will write as soon as I make any definite arrangements to get away.

With love to all.

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