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Date: August 30th 1914
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Val Cartier
Aug 30 1914

Hello Kid:-

Was awfully glad to hear from you and was more than surprised to hear from Norma. Well every thing is fine down here getting more like New York every day there is a bunch of Highlanders coming in now bagpipes playing things are going brighter we have a moving picture show quit a few canteens this last few days. We have been out shooting this last four days oh this is the life but cheer up the worst is yet to come.

Oh gee this is some country hills all around us most beautiful scenery. Willie Falkingham got down here Thursday night but I didn’t see him untill Friday morning we are sleeping in the same tent under the same blankets. You say it was early when I went away early why it was 15 minutes to six but I will forgive you.

How are you going to make up for it when I come back ten chances to one if I pass the doctor you will bem-d when I come back thats if the the good Lord spares me to come back.

That was a pretty nice looking maid at your aunt Ellens. I dont know whether I will pass for the overseas if I dont I will have to go on garrison duty untill the war is over. Gee this is some camp electric lights good roads auto motor cycles men cutting there throats 2 have done that one man was kicked by a horse and killed today. I was glad to hear you got a man easy to get a foolish kid like me. You may wonder why I address my mail to Guelph well this is the reason. You see if it was sent here if we were moved out of here it might lay around here for a week or two. But when Capt Taylor gets it he knows just where we are and he will forward it to us.

Did you get any mail yet for I wrote 2 or 3 cards 1 letter besides this one. Well how is Willie gee I must write to Norma some time or other. Billie and I are going to write to Jessie Just for fun gee but when I come back I must get a girl well I think this is all for this time maybe I will have some more next time so Goodbye

xxxxxxxx for the heart.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1914-08-30 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-08-30 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-08-30 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-08-30