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Date: September 10th 1914
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Sept 10th 1914

Hello Essie :-

How is the general state of your health mine is fine. Why I am getting fat I just weigh 175 now gaining some eh? Well we have to have our hair cut short and are not allowed to shave the back of our necks or the upperlip some moustache Ill have when I get back. Well how is you and Mr. Weber getting along Going to Durham very often. I got a letter from Norma. Something doing eh. Well I am on the transport gang now that is moving grub tents ammunition and every thing belonging to the 1st battalion

Gee but I hope I get over the pond chances are mighty good jest now. Billie is down here him and I are in the same tent we are getting him learnt when he gets back he wont be such a good boy I am going to try and get him to smoke I have stopped it myself. Billie is a fine fellow him and I are trying to stick together dont know whether we will make it out or not.

Well I have been innoculated twice against the typhoid fever they inject some kind of serum into the left arm and makes it as sore as blazes excuse profanity.

I have never made out to get to Quebec yet no pass issued now Some of the fellows got down their and went a little to far and spoilt everything. Well I am glad you got a man Jim Lawson says Weber is not a bad fellow hits the booze a little I guess. I sent you a picture of the 30th regiment did you get it Billie sent Norma one and a postcard she never ans it yet either that or it has gone astray. I got my picture taken yesterday I dont know whether they will be any good or not time will tell O.K how is Gracie dear is she home now wish I was if she is for you know she is all I live for. How is Jessie bristles Norma called her I suppose she is a sweet as ever. How did the crop turn out you would have at least from 2 to 3 tons and bushels eh? Say life is lonely with out girls around its a beggar this washing your own dishes rub the grease off with sand and paper wrench them out below the tap. You know we have electric lights along the main roads and water pipes. The water is better now that it was at first and the board is better bread is cut in slices not chunks I get a can of syrup to help it down we get lots of soup 1 or 2 times a day butter twice and jam sometimes once a day no pies or none of Essie’s good cakes. God pity them if I ever get back I will punish a lot of them. We can get pies twenty five cents each but they are no good. How is Jessie Douglas is she better yet, will you please get me Billie Nelson address Id like to drop him a card. Well how is Willie still driving you and Norma around his horse Will get thin if he keeps that up. I think I will have to quit writing to you or else Ill will be into a fight the first thing when I get back any danger old sport? Have you had any word from Jessie I have not wrote to them yet. There is an awful dose of canteens going up good thing you can get things at a reasonable prices now pop was regular 5cts bottle 10cts a bottle and sometimes 2 for 25cts some price eh? Gee I am making some fancy job of this letter I am laying flat on the ground writing with my paper on a bit of card board some table Oh this is the life.

We can get ice cream down here now their is also two moving picture shows

Well we have no idea when we will get out of here I hope it is pretty soon. There is bad weather a lot of rain and fairly cold. On Sunday Some of the fellows were flooded out of their tents but ours was dry every body was out digging ditches and holes in the ground to let the water away. They had a great review of the troops on Sunday I was not in it most of our fellows were on guard glad to for it was sure raining but just the same I walked up and my overcoat is not dry yet well I think this is all for this time and dont forget to write for it helps to cheer a fellow on in this dreary life I remain yours ever true

xxxxxxxxxxxxx for the heart one after each meal enough for 4 days

Nelson Campbell

Guelph Armores
Care of Captain Taylor

cfo C now this is my address the surest one you can get

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-09-10