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Date: November 24th 1914
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Bustard Camp
Nov 24th 1914

Hello Essie:-

I am Overjoyed to get a letter from Canada by Gee its fine to get a letter when you are two or three thousand miles from home. I am on the old sod a long time before I got your letter. You say the Rev. Ibbot gave you magic lantern scenes of the British Isles but I’ll bet he didnt give any views of Salisbury plains and its mud. but I’ll admit there is some nice views but none where they put soldiers. you say you was awful surprised to think I did not forget you. why I wont forget you as long as their is life in my body true you are rushing Billie or the auto which I think its a little of both eh Kid ha ha. I say Hessie some car I got I say Hessie will we go to Durham on Sunday.

Billie McArthur hasn’t surely got another wheel you never say whether he is coming up yet or not you neednt mind me tell me all I wont tell mother you no that ha ha. I got your letter from Billie when we got to Davenport he got it in Gaspe Bay, he came over on the Laurentic I came on the Montezuma was I sick well I guess so, I have a very bad cold. those are dandy pictures I am going to get your picture put in a locket stories why I will be able to talk you almost blind. I dont like your blarney work I am proud of you thats rot I am proud of you Essie. Please write I sure will as long as I can. you talk of English girls and French girls but nothing but Canadain girls for me kid.

you say Misses Campbell is awful kind I think she is a nice woman.

I will tell you why I did not write we left valcartier a day or two after I gave her the parcel and I had not time to write, and you know they do not give us any warning about moving just about an hour. so you understand I hope you will accept my appolige. well things are rather dry around here, I was out on a big review the other day some grand site infantry and artillery all out.

I told you I was going on pass for a week well I have’nt got yet, going to try and go at Xmas you no we soldier can’t get away just when we want to, we have to get the Major to sign our pass then to Colonel and if he wont why then its stay at home see kid. well I think this is all for this time. You say Jessie and Grace are both waiting on me. Well you can tell them both I love another

bye bye

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1914-11-24 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-11-24 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-11-24 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-11-24 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-11-24 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-11-24