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Date: December 17th 1914
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Bustard Camp
Dec 17th 1914

Hello Essie:-

It is now twenty minutes to nine, and I am lonely, so I am going to write to you, I havent had any letters for a long time, I havent been of on pass yet, but expect to get a couple of days before Xmas, up to Selby I saw a picture of Bertha’s Grandfather, I dont no what kind of a time we will have, but his uncle wrote and said it was quite, but is going to try and give us a good time. but if it dont suite me I come back to London thats the place for a good time, I say Essie I am going to send you a little Xmas box when I can get some place to get one you will get it before Easter anyway, thats some comfort Billie and I are going to the Box social Friday night if we get the chores done. do you wish my company coming home. How is Jessie has she got her stepmother yet, or is she in Ayton with that grand piano, Norma done pretty well at the show, you know we get the Mt Forest Rep. some times and I see the news. I see you had Bert Dyers back again the most reliable one of them all eh Kid, say I hope he gets your box Friday night I dont want it. Say that was a good picture of you all the boys said Gee look at the arm’s on her isn’t she a peach dont I love her hasnt she a cute kisser, loving eyes, and a beauty full nose, true this is no lie. I wrote to Billie Nelson. Say Hessie is Uncle John home this Winter claiming aunt Jessie for his true love or is that all knocked on the head. We are still in tents mud outside six inches deep all over and some places more, it raines pretty near every day, well I tell you they have rain instead of snow, I washed my clothes Sunday and they aint dry yet, I guess I will have to fetch them in and dry them with the stove. I tell you what washday is the time women come in handy, I washed two towels, two pairs of socks two suit of underwear, big wash, left her go a little to long, I am sending a picture of the fellows in our tent fine fellows, they call me teddy bears I guess because I am the smallest some name eh kiddo? have you been to any dances yet, just wait untill I get back gee if I wont put in a slick time for a week or two, Its no body’s business, Falkinghams wrote and said is Nelson Campbell any bigger Essie had’nt heard from him untill last week, well he is no bigger but more mischief than ever

Well Essie do you think I had better get married to a little English girl or a Belgian which would be the best souvenir, ha ha one of the Canadain boys married a Belgian he could not speak Belgian nor her English so they were married through an interpreter some match eh kiddo? Well I hope we soon get to the front, but all the English boys thats been there dont want to go back they say its simply hell excuse bad words but thats the way they put it some of them leave home one night and are back from the front next night wounded, they say every time the German artillery shots it is a target, the red cross train came into London Sunday with eight coaches of wounded, thats only London. but cheer up maybe the Mt Forest lads will be lucky,

Well Essie dear I think this is all for this time with love


xxxxxxxx for the heart to be taken after each meal.

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Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-12-17