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Date: October 3rd 1918

October 3, 1918

Dear Lilian:

I received yours too late to answer before going up front so carried it for a week. Had a fine trip with lots of excitement and came out O.K. We are back resting for a while now.

Most of the time I was too busy to pick up souvenirs but I found time to get a pair of field glasses. I havent a pair of my own so am keeping them for the present. I enclose an iron cross ribbon that I pulled off a prisoner as he passed me. I didn't have time to go through him and one of the boys got his watch.

Charlie Scott and King O'Donoghue came back recently and this was their first trip. Charlie was badly wounded in the arm but got out alright. Poor old King paid the full price and I feel very bad over it. He was about my best friend over here. I must write his mother right away and I hardly know how to do it.

Tonight I received a box from Aunt Bessie and I've had a great feed of choclates. I'll write here in a day or two.

I'm tired tonight and am going to bed soon.

Hope you can read this. The light is very poor.



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