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Date: December 4th 1915
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Dec 4th 1915

Dearest Cousin:-

I received your welcom letter, a couple of days ago, I am glad your well and that your dear Willie is home from the west, you will be jolly glad I know, he didnt waste any time after he got home, in coming to see you ha ha, love is love, every body has it more or less, his and yours, we know how it ends eh kiddo, [?] guess?

Say I got a nice little letter from Gladys, I guess, I am alright supposeing I have a few gray hairs, but after the war, oh what I’ll do.

Say kido I had my leave last week, Billie and I went together, say he has a couple of fine looking cousins, I had a fine time, we was to Bradford Leeds, Barnsley, and Newcastle on the Tyne, went of there to see a wounded chum, Charlie Garton, had a couple of nights in London too, had leave from the twenty second untill the thirtieth of November a nice little holiday, I hope the next one is to Orchard.

A lot of those fellows that are enlisting now, are just doing so, just to say they werent forced to go, think they will never have to come but they may get mistaken.

Hard luck you had on Holstein show day, you dont want to let Mary get ahead of you.

So you think we wont have old Charlie for a cousin how about Jack, he doesnt think of Marriage a good time he is after, thats me to.

Old Jake will fell kind of mean over the rubber tire.

Well Essie is it right that Nellie, and Jessie both have babies. I had a letter from Grace, yesterday, she put a white silk handkerchief in it I guess she thinks this is a picnic, but all the same she is a little dear, ha ha.

how is Willie does he love you as much as ever.

Gee it is hard to write news are scarce, things are pretty quite around here now.

I had a letter from Jessie yesterday, she says she has not heard from you lately.

What will Stewarts do with out G.N.

When did Orton lose his motorcycle, poor boy, he wont can sport the ladies now.

Well Essie I think I will have to close I hate to write such a few lines, but you know news are scarce and we are far apart so goodbye dear, till we meet to part no more, I remain ever the same old rogue, a jail bird with a number 7224.

Oh I must tell you a couple of weeks ago I has driving on the road and I gave three little kids a ride, the M.P. took my name and number, put in my crime sheet to the Orderly room, and I got 5 days C.B. my first and only time I have ever been up on the mat, and all for doing a favor, giving 3 little kids a ride but they said it was against the law.

How would you like to be a soldier? over

Please tell me in your next letter
good big ones dont take so many

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1915-12-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-12-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-12-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-12-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-12-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1915-12-04