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Date: February 4th 1916
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Feb 4th 1916

Dear Cousin:-

Well Essie I had give up all hope of ever hearing from you, but yesterdays mail settled it, I was glad to get the news, but those about Gladys, almost broke my heart, I told you all the nice girls would be picked up.

I got that parcel you sent a box of chocolates some tobacco, I guess that is what you mean, I had a parcel from aunt Tina.

I miss you, honest goods, I believe you aint going to get married, but it is leap year, my chance wont come now untill 1920.

Are you just the same as the girls over here, everything is after the war.

Say is Pearl Schram, married yet, or Mame Keith

I am glad to hear that the boys are enlisting for God knows we need them all.

I know why Billie McArthur don’t join, why he could’nt leave you, that long, I am beginning to wish I could come back, just for a couple of weeks.

I never hear from your Sister Jessie.

Say cant you come in first place with the school teacher.

I should not like to be training in Mt Forest if they go to cut out all the liquor, they might as well let them have it they will get it when they come to France, I kept away from it untill I hit France, but I cant say I am tetotal any more.

Where is Lizzie Nelson is her and Ethel in Toronto

Essie I want you to get around that School Teacher, help me out, because he might run of with Grace and if you beat her out, that will clear the way for me, I guess you wont mind doing me that little favour.

Say I dont know who that is in that picture, the one standing at the gate, unless it is Adam’s boy.

Essie that was a bad fix you got me into, with Glady’s surely you must of knew she was engaged to Bilton, I sent her a letter, and I put my picture in it, and also some barb-wire, and I know she would be married before she would get it, I hope it goes astray, but as sure as I want it to it wont.

But never mind Essie I am writing to a nice girl up in Dunchurch, I have had four or five letters already, I dont think she will get married.

I have to write to Jessie, and Grace and news are scarce, everything is just the same, so I cant tell you nothing new.

I am putting a picture of myself and a scotch lad on our teams, on a water cart.

Well Essie I must say good bye


hoping to hear from you soon very soon, so bye bye with love


xxxxx you dont need many with Willie so near to you.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1916-02-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1916-02-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1916-02-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1916-02-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1916-02-04 Campbell, William Nelson 1916-02-04