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Nelson Campbell

[first part of letter missing]

ammunition sandbags and such like.

To bad your auto cant come up the hill.

W.D. Pinder cant surely like you, he must like driving kids around.

Poor Capt Campbell I think I was the last man that spoke to him before he was wounded he was cheerful, one officer says is that you Campbell he says yes, I am pretty badly shoke up but I am Campbell still, they asked him if is wound hurt much he said oh no, but I think I will lose my hindleg,

Oh he was a brave man, the best liked officer in the battalion every body knew him, and believe me the gun section misses him, I dont know whether it was a bomb or machine gun fire that caught him, poor fellow.

Believe me I fell for his wife, hard luck she has had, Fredie was brave but all soldier are not brave.

Who told you W.F is getting deaf its all rot.

Yes I am Lousie not head

[last part of letter missing]

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson xxxx-xx-xx_d02 Campbell, William Nelson xxxx-xx-xx_d02