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Date: July 23rd 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

#3106794 Pte C. Hornibrook
July 23rd 1918

Dear Neice and all

I now take the plesure of ancering your welcome letter I recived today, and was sure glad to hear that you was home again and felling better, your letter was ritting July 2

O say Rheubottoms would sure be some sight all chanded together, and Ed Raney skipped out, they will likely catch him yet. I was out for a ride today on the bycicle and just got back we have some times when we go for a trip, we have had dandy weather here this summer till this last few days it has been raining three or four days but it soon dryes up again

That was sure a sad thing about Mrs Tom Willoughby they sure have a hard time this last while. I herd that Billy Willoughby is home again they would be glad to see him.

I seen in the Echo that Clarence Johnsone got killed with lighten Cecil Johnsone is here I havent seen him yet, but Bert Hill seese him once and a while, I had a letter from John the other day and he said he got his garden all frozing it is to bad when every thing is so dear

Well Gladys there is not much news to tell you as every thing is pretty quiet here, there is not much goining on

Well Gladys it will soon be six months cence I left Sundridge the time seams to go in affel quick over here. The summer will soon be gon again.

Is Mary and Johney and Gorden goining to school I suppose the baby will soon be walking

Well I think I will close for this time. I’m gilling along fine as this letter leaves me well hoping this will find yous all the same, hoping to hear from you soon again soon, so good by


I’ll be in England for a while yet

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