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Date: October 7th 1917
Gladys Hornibrook
Harold Hamilton

Some where in France
Oct, 7th /17

Dear Glady’s

Just a few lines in answer to your most kind and ever welcome letter which I recieved some time ago and was glad to hear from you but sorry I couldn’t find time to answer it sooner as we have been doing so much moving around. We were on a two days march before we got to where we are now we just got here in time for it has been raining ever since we got here. I’ve been attached to the Third Entrenching for a quite a while but I am back to my unit now and I like it much better than the Third Entrenching. Well I suppose they will be busy thrushing over there now I wouldn’t mind if I was there but I hope it wont be long untill we are all back in old sundridge again. I had some pictures taken when I was down the line and I sent them to Mama they warint much good but I wont be able to get any taken just now (over) so you can get one from Mama

Well Glady’s I think I have told you all for this time hoping those few lines may find you all well as it leaves me at present

I remain as Ever

Bye bye write soon

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Original Scans