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Date: June 30th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Harold Hamilton

CFC 117th

Dear Glady’s

Just a few lines in answer to your kind and welcome letter which I recieved a few day’s ago and was pleased to hear from you

Well we are having lovely weather here just, now but it was certainly wet here for a while it rained nearly ever day for three weeks but it didn’t stop us from working and believe me it was hard on me being wet all the time but I am allways cloaked up when it is too hot but I am satisfied to stay here for the duration for I know I will stand a chance of getting back some time I got that belief the only way they could kill me is with a shell and we have nothing like that to bother us here.

Well Glady’s I wrote to Charlie about two weeks ago but I havent had a answer back yet perhaps he is gone to France I was surprised when I received his letter and his address was the same as mine they were only a short way from where I was but I am a long way from there now this company expects to move from here some time this fall and we may go to Wales at last I hope so.

Here is a photo I had taken since I came up here it isn’t a very good one the fellow taken with me came up in the same draft as me and we have been chuming to-gether ever since He was in France but he was brought back under age but I think he will be going back again as he is a [?] man. Well tomorrow is a holiday for us we are having a big day we are playing base ball against another company and believe me we are going to try hard to beat them there is five shillings for each one of us if we win

Well I think I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon I remain as [?]


Bye bye write soon

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