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Date: September 3rd 1918
Essie Douglas
W.A. McArthur


Miss Essie V. Douglas.

My Dearest Girl

Here I am again trying to write you a few liens which I hope will fined you in the best of spirit as its leaving me at present I am realy lucky or I wounden be here writing this. Well you will wonder where I am. Well I am a way from the battalion now on a course which I hope will help me in my work over here. Oh yes I must tell you I seen Nelson some time ago you may wonder why I never wrote you sooner but was so busy till about three days ago and I need not say what at you will see by the papers what the Canadians are doing. Well I glad to be able to say that I was among them. Well I have been promoted a gain from L Cpl. To Cpl and if I do well here I may be Sgt. In a short time even if I do say it myself I done some good work I captured three prisoners and a machin gun my self.

Well I am going to ask you what is the matter with you this last while I know you are so busy that you don’t know what to do next but realy I have not heard from you this long time least it seams a age since I had a letter and I am looking for that picture you said that you wear going to send me.

Clarence Ross is back with me again he is in the same platoon as I am. I was only talking to Nelson for a very short time as he had not long to wait the night he came down to see me. Where I am now is a very nice camp and this is sure a treat to have a short rest if nothing else.

Say you asked me in one of your letters which I have not got over yet you said say now tell me the whole trueth I having been wondering if you think I am trying to hid some thing from you well I am not. But if you think so well I hope you will soon for get it

What are you putting you time in at this last while into realy needless for me to ask so I know you are all a lone and I very near know what you will be doing at this time of the year.

Oh yes I must tell you I got a watch of one of the Huns I cought and a five mark bill and this is a pen that I got in one the the oderly rooms so you see I have been looking out for svvemens say this is not the right way to spell that word but as it is you know this is a most beautiful day and I am sure going to try and in joy my self while I am here but the time will soon pass by.

I have not seen or heard from neither of the Dickson boys this long time I heard that Bert Dyers had to go to Hospital again with his knee Jack Ross was wonded but I don’t know how bad where is Ruttle is he still in Canada if he is I have my owne opinion of him what do you think Oh yes where is your Bro Jack is he at home if he [?] I am sure you must have a lot of hard work

I am trying to send you some of this money that I got in this letter if I don’t for get to put it in when I am through I had some of his Field Cards but I lost them in the last few days some where

Well what do you think of this great war wany way you are all ways tell me to tell you more about it. Well I would sure like to but when this is all over and I come home then I will be able to give you all the news late news is all ways good news ha ha. Say what was you going to tell me that you said it might hurt ha ha I don’t think its going to do you any harm to tell me it my be of some good ha ha.

I had a letter from father the other day and he said he was going to send me a box for my Birthday well I hope it comes if iits like the others box I got from there but it takes you to send the things a fellow wants.

Well now write soon with heaps of love from


W.A. Mc Arthur

Did you get the parcel of silkes I sent you some time ago.

Tell me in you letter when you write

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Original Scans