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Date: February 11th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Feb 11th 1918

Gladys Hornibrook

Well Gladys

I recived you letter O.K. and was certenly glad to here from yous I got your letter to day at noon,

Well Gladys, Hamilton is quite a nice place I have seen quite a bit of it and it certenly some place I was at Bill Watters on Sunday and we was over a lot of it, Im sorry that your Dad dident git a long better but it is not so bad, but Id sooner be in Sundridge

There are some talk of us going over sees on Thursday or Friday but we cant find out for sure I don’t think we will git a leave home. They wount let us no for sure. I dont now any of the lads only thoughs that came down with me. But we soon git accuinted

There are a pretty good bunch there are about five or six hundred men in this bunch, we are having nice weather here now it was pretty cold when we came down. The snow ant near so deep here as it is up there we can walk any place

Well Gladys there is not much news to write. Did yous git my cloths all rite. What is Earnest doing is he drawing lumber yet I havent wrote to him yet but tell him I will write to him soon.

I dident have my number when I wrote before but I got the letter all rite.

Well I gess I will close for this time hopping to here from yous soon, from your uncle Charl. I’m well hopping this will find yous all the same

Chas. E. Hornibrook
E Company
Ist Depot Battln 2nd C.O.R.

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