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Date: April 22nd 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Pte C. Hornibrook
Canadian. Reserve. Cyclists.
Seaford. Sussex.
April 22nd 1918

Dear Neice

Just a few lines to let you know that I’m well, and hopping this will find yous all the same and I also recived your kind and welcome letter, which was rote on March 5th and I just got it to day, but was sure glad to git it, it was the first letter I got from home

I am in the cyclists coar now, and it aint a bad job me and Jack Smith was together every cense we left Sundridge till the other day till I got in the cyclists, and we are quite a piece a parte now but me and but me and John Dobbs is together now, I meet Burt Hill over here and he told me about Leatha Hill it is sure to bad.

I got a letter from Sideny Hines the other day he sent it to John and John sent it to me Sidney wanton me to go and work for him he said he had a lot of land and he could not git a man it is to bad, but they wouldent let me stay on my own farm. They hardely let me go and work for him.

You rote this letter the day I got to England, I have rote yous four or five letters I hope yous have got them, you said the men was bilding the evaporator house, I hope yous made lots of syrup. Well, Gladys they aint much news to rite. I herd we was goining to France before long if I moove I will let yous know is the rest goining to school now and gow is the baby I suppose he will soon be goining to school,

Well I must close, I cant think of any more to rite hopping to here from yous soon and often,

With love to all

Pte C. Hornibrook
Canadian Res cyclists
Seaford Sussex

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