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Date: April 28th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Chas Hornibrook. 3106794
Canadian. Res. Cyclists
Seaford. Sussex. Eng.
April 28th 1918

G. Hornibrook

Dear Niece

Just a few lines to let you now that I’m well hopping this will find yous all the same and I recived your kind and welcome letter, your letter was rote on the 13th of March and I got it the other day, that is the secind letter I got from you, cense I came to England, you said you had a letter from Hurld I wish you would send me his address I might be abel to find him and I wish you would tell me where Joe address was. I meet Arte Mc.Kaig over here, and he told me what his address was but he wasent sure. I have Henery Minors address, but I havent rote to him yet

So Ian Pinkertons mooved back to the farm. How is Ian Rhenbottom giting along farming, you cane tell your Mother I have them black gloves yet they are just is good as ever onely one finger I burnt a little, but I mended it, and you know I’m a good hand at it.

You said the baby was gitting to lazy to hold his bottle, I think he is too much like his uncle to be lazy, ha ha, how is John and Gordon tell Mary to rite me a letter, did Earnest git any of my letters yet, I have rote him three or four letters and I haven’t had any word from him yet,

I herd that Munroes went west, they will be quite a change around there now I woun’t now the place when I git back, is Dave Doiy sold his farm yet. Tell your Dad to send me a little tobacco one and a while I rote to Aunt Lucey some time ago but I haven’t had any word from her yet, well Gladys there is no more news to rite, so I must close for this time, so good by.

With love to all.

Be sure and rite often and give me all the news

How is Strong L. O. L comming up

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Original Scans