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Date: May 13th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

#3106794 C. Hornibrook
Seaford Sussex, Eng
May 13 1918

Dear folkes at home

Just a line to let yous know that I recived that parel yous sent me, yous mailed it March 28 and I got it today it was a little over a month comming it made good time it was in dandy shap it wasent brook atall, it was sure a dandy parcel and that was sure a nice cake that Mrs. Minorgan sent me it is sure a grat treat to git a Canadian cake it was sure kind of her for sending it. I also got a parcel from Edith today, they was sure to dandy boxes, I just got back from my leave yesterday I had a good time. Scottland is sure a swell place.

I saw things that I never seen before, well they aint much to rite, so I must close for this time as I’m well hopping this will find yous all the same, so good by

With love to all

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