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Date: September 15th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Sept 15, 1918

Dear Neice and all

Just a few lines to let yous know that I’m well, hoping this will find yous all the same, I’m at the bace just now, it is very warm here today. I haven’t meet eny of the boys from Sundridge yet, but I might see some of them when I git further up the line

I sent you a photo before I left England, of my self I hope you git it

I havent had eny male from you sence I came over here but I might git some in day or too, well Gladys how is every body around home, how is Neld Vanmeer I haven’t herd eny thing of him for a long time now,

What teacher is teaching school at home now, sence Mr Gully left. If it is a lady teacher tell her what a nice fellow I am, ho

O say did your mother git that little box I sent her with my old badges I hope she did

Well Gladys there is not much news to tell you and I sent you a cushion top with the cyclists badge on it be sure and let me know if you git it, well I must close for this time hoping to hear from yous soon (by by)

With love to all

Some where in France

L Saunders

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Original Scans