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Date: October 7th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Oct 7 1918

Dear Neice and all

Just a few lines to let yous know that I’m well. Hoping this will find yous all the same and I also recived your letter of yours and your mothers and was sure glad to hear from yous and glad to hear that yous got that parcel, all right I had a letter from John the other day and one from Jessie and I got Earnest photo with his horses, and it was sure good of him. I haven’t meet eny of the boys from around home yet, you asked me if I seen Harold, no I just had one letter from him. Your letter was retting Sept 5 and I recived it Oct 3

Well Gladys there is not much news to tell you, things is pretty quiet here just now. I’m sending this letter insid of a another letter it is the onely way we can send to or three letters is to put them together

Well Gladys I must close for this time hoping to hear from yous soon soon or sooner

With love to all

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Original Scans