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Date: December 14th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook


Dear Neice and all

I now take the plesure of riting yous a few lines to let yous know that I’m well hoping this will find yous all the same. I’m in a place just now called Colngue near the rine, I havent had eny mail from you, for some time. I’m mooving around so much it is hard to git our mail

Well Gladys I gess you will think I have forgotton to rite I havent had time to rite, I have been mooving around so much but I’m gitting along O.K. How is all the peopel around home that was so sick, I hope there are all well by this time. What is Earnest doining I havent herd from him for a long time, what kind of weather are yous having around Sundridge now, I suppose lots of snow we havent had eny snow yet and very little frost, the grass is green here yet, what is your Dad and Frank doing this Fall did they git eny deer this Fall,

Well Gladys I havent much news to tell you. We are about thirty of fourty miles in Germeny now. I dont think it will be long till we are sailing for home back on the old farm again. I havent meet eny of the Sundridge boys yet.

Well Gladys I think I’ll close for this time hoping to hear from you soon or sooner

With love to all

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Original Scans