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Date: January 12th 1919
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook



Dear Neice and all

Just a line to let yous know that I’m well, hoping this will find yous all the same.

I’m sending you a few post cards where I have been which I hope you will git.

We are having nice weather here the sun is shining today it is sure dandy weather, we have no snow yet, or no frost

I’m sending you a ticket of the first street car ride I rode over here, from Hemar to Coln but I have had a lot of street car riding this last while we git free rides where ever we go, and we sure make good use of it, well Gladys how are you gitting along at school I hope fine, is there meny going to your school, I gess yous will have lots of snow by this time

I had a box from Mrs Dave Hird that is Nellie Price and a letter, she said they were all well I dont now just when we will be going back to Canada, some times we here we are going back soon and other times we here we might be here for a few months, but a cupel of months wount be long, time goes very quick when you are putting in a good time

Well I havent much to tell you in this letter. I ancered the last letter I got from you, a few days ago, but hope to git another letter from you soon well I must close for this time by by

With love to all

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Original Scans