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Date: January 18th 1919
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Bonn Germeny

Dear Niece and all

Just a few lines in ancer to your kind and welcome letter, I recived today, and was sure glad to hear from you your letter was dated Dec 26 it was the first letter I had for near too weeks, you said they that the army men had a social and made over three hundred dollars they sure done well.

So Hearld Hamilton was in Toronto when you rote, I was down threw Bonn today and meet Henery Miner he is the first one I have meet from Sundridge yet, he was Supprisd to meet me, he is the same old Henery, I dident have long to talk to talk to him, onely about a miniut, I dident have time to ask him eny questenss he had to go on with his bunch, what is Earnest doing, I havent herd from him for a long time and I haven’t herd from Johns neather for some time,

Well Gladys I am in Germeny yet, but we expect to moove some of though days I don’t know where we are going, to England or France for sure some says we are going to Eng and others says we are going to France, none of us noes, till we git there, where we are going,

I dident git the Echos you sent me today, but I’ll likely git them soon, well I must close for this time as this letter leaves me well hoping this will find yous all the same. By by

With love to all

Ancer soon

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