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Date: January 27th 1919
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Bonn Germany

Dear Neice and all

Just a few lines to let you know that I am well. Hoping this will find yous all the same.

I’m still in Germany yet, and giting along fine. The weather here is a little cool now, it snowed today for the first, but they wasent a very big fall of snow, onely about one inch and it is near all gon again tonight, I guess yous will have lots of snow around Sundridge now, how are you giting along at school, I hope fine, I havent had eny mail for some time, but they havent been much Canadian mail this last while, I think we are mooving soon, all the Canadians is gon back, but the cyclists and I think we are going son, but I havent herd where we are going, you said in your last letter, that Harold was in Toronto, I meet Loid Lang the other day, he looks fine, and I seen Henry Minor a few weeks ago. They are all I have meet from Sundridge yet,

Well Gladys as news is scarce I must soon close, and excuse poor riting as the lites is poor tonight. I’ll rite soon again and hoping to hear from yous soon, by by.

With love to all.

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Original Scans