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Date: February 12th 1919
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Bonneville, Belgium

Dear Neice and all

Just a few lines to let you know that I am well hoping this will find yous all the same and I also recived your letter dated Jan 16 yesterday and one from your dad dated Jan 11 and was sure glad to hear from yous. I am in Belgium just now but I think we are mooving to England this week. I dont just now how long we will be there we are having five days leave in England, I dont just now where I will go yet.

You said in your letter that Harold was home, I guess they will be some more home by now. You said that there were stories going around that Ralph Bossart and Rogar Pinkerton are not killed, who ever started them storys had little to do if they were a live they would have word from them before this I think.

You dad said that Minorgans sold there farm I woun’t now the place around there when I git back. Well Gladys I haven’t much news to rite we are having pretty nice weather here, we had three of four inches of snow for a week but it is turning worm again and the snow is milting. Well I must close for this time hoping to hear from yous soon again,

With love to all

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