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Date: May 23rd 1917

Crowborough, Sussex.
Wed. May 23, 1917.

Dear Grandma:

Received your box Sunday, and was very glad to get it. The gum, candy, cookies and most of the cake is gone. It’s pretty hard to get good hot water for the postum[1] or oxo. We don’t have any fires in the huts so we could heat the water. They are very stingy with the hot water at the cook house, and then its not always hot enough, so if you send another don’t bother with the postum and oxo. The candy was fine. It was good and hard, and to break off a piece I was using my service knife, and hammering it with one of my heavy army shoes. Well I took the blade off, and will have to go on a clothing parade to get another. Everything was in fine shape when I got it, and was very good.

The 63rd Battery came over lately, and are at St. Martins Plains. They are from London. I got a letter today from one of the fellows, and he said they have been put into the infantry. That must have been some surprise to them. I got a letter from one of the Windsor boys in the 241st and he likes it pretty well over here. They expect to get a leave next Monday. I had a pass from the 12th to 18th and went to London. It’s quite a place but I like Detroit better. I took in a few of the buildings. Went in Westminster Abbey, and the H of Parliament. Was in the H of Commons, and Lords. In the H of Lords some of the old boys were discussing some legal case. They had their wigs on. At the Abby I saw the old tombs, and there is an awful bunch of them. I was around by St. Pauls Cathedral but didn’t go in. I had a fine time. Went to 5 shows. The first since I was home New Year’s. Gee I certainly hated to come back here.

I’m feeling fine. Don’t know when I’ll go across to France yet. I hope you are all feeling as good as I. Well I guess I’ll close. Love to all.

Your grandson

[1] “postum” is a beverage made from powdered roasted grain that was promoted by the Post Cereal Company as an alternative to coffee.

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