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Date: January 6th 1918
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Cpl H Fielder

6th Jan 1918

Hallo Girlie!

How is everything with you? Many thanks for your interesting letter of Nov 20th, and of course the snaps. Say, aren’t they dandy? I think they are swell, especially that one where you are sitting by the spring. I don’t think you’ve altered a bit, only that you look just a little stouter. I like that one too, where you are lying on the grass with Margery. I wish I was there [?] with you both, I bet I would change your saint like expression just a little you look too comfortable there. I’m just going to beat it for a minute for the cook is shouting for us to come to dinner, and perhaps that will will give me more [?] to write afterward. I’m getting so lazy these days. How should you like to have dinner with me here today? It’s mulligan I guess, but it’s not as bad when one gets used to it. What are you having today? Did you have a good time at Xmas? We did, The weather was good, and dry and fine, There was just enough frost to make a fellow feel good. Our camp was in among some trees and it looked just like a big lumber camp.

You’ll excuse all the scribble won’t you? You see I’m writing this on my bunk and it isn’t exactly the best place to be writing letters, ‘C’est la guerre!” you know,

I have a Jack Canuk here this morning, Do you ever read them? There was one little bit where some girls were discussing their respective overseers, and one of them exclaimed that she could always work better under a man. What do you know about that? I have also been reading that you have been having 34ᵒ below zero weather, Gee that makes me shudder but I guess I could feel up with it ‘alright’, if I hit little old w’peg again. I did not receive your parcel yet but guess its liable to come any old time. Heaps of thanks Kid, You sure are a great little girl, and some day we’ll even up things a little I was just thinking how nice it would be if you and I were in the position of you & Margery in that snap- Oh well, Be good to yourself Dearest & write when you can to

Yours Ever

By the way when you write again address to (Cpl) 10th T.M.B. Canadians

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