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Date: April 20th 1918
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Cpl. H Fielder


My Dear Girl

How are you Dearie? It is so long since I heard from you, that I have been imagining all kinds of horrible things. I do hope that you havn’t been ill again. I still have those snaps you sent to me, and there, you look quite alright Do send me a line Kid. Do you know I have been looking forward to a letter from you and the snaps you promised to send, for months.

I am quite alright but very much fed up, and have been, for a long time, but of course I guess everyone gets like that at times. I think the worst is over, or anyway the best half, and I quite believe that you will see us back before the end of next year. That might seem like a terribly long time, but if som passes, and then I guess we shall all have some time before we all get settled down again to civilian life. The thought of sleeping in pyjamas, and a nice clean bed, and real baths and all that kind of thing, makes me crazy to get back to the ‘peg. Can you imagine what it would be like for the boys to give a dance at the “Aleo” one of these nights. Oh Kid. I must quit thinking of these things or I won’t be able to sleep.

Say, do you ever see any old 10th CMR boys around. I guess there must be quite a bunch of the fellows back in W’peg. You will see me there yet, if I am lucky, and then will you come and see me once in a while? I guess you would. Wouldn’t you? Well Sweetest, be good to yourself and drop me a line.

Yours Ever

Say, Kid will you send me a Saturday Evening Post along once in a while

Original Scans

Original Scans